Managing to Succeed and Enjoy

Veterinary Management Consulting

Seamus McManus MVB MRCVS
Diploma in Management Studies

How I can help

Practice business analysis and strategy

Communications - internal and external

Sales and marketing

Financial management

Owners / partnerships: alignment, structure and policy implementation

Staff management and team building

Exit strategies / practice valuation

What I bring

  • I am Irish and a vet since 1973 with an interest in encouraging sustainable practice
  • I have worked in Ireland since 1977 in mixed practice and then CA practice
  • I have long experience of practice and practice management
  • I have been involved in 2 successful partnerships up to retirement
  • I have a Diploma in Management Studies

Relevant Experience

  • Qualified 1973. Mixed practice until 2011 but mainly Companion Animal since 1995
  • Partnership 1977- 2014
  • Partnership expanded to 3 in 2001
  • Partnership expanded to 4 in 2011
  • The partnership of 3 entered a partnership with neighbouring colleagues to develop a third clinic called Oran Vets in 2003.
  • Retired from all partnerships in December 2015 on good terms
  • Involved in setting up Ark Veterinary Clinic in Galway in 1977
  • Involved in setting up Oran Vets in 2003
  • Involved in setting up Ark Vets Knocknacarra 2010
  • Involved in Practice Management in all clinics
  • Mentored by Action International 2006


  • Involved in reactivating Connacht Clinical Society in 1977 and organizing Winter meetings until the mid 80s
  • Served on Vetlink Supervisory Board before amalgamation with C&M
  • Diploma in Management Studies from Dublin Business School June 2017
  • Started VetMAC veterinary management consultancy July 2017

About VetMac


Seamus McManus
I’ve always been into the idea of a veterinary life from the time I started going out on calls at a young age with my uncle who practiced in Kerry. As kids, we spent the summers on a relative’s farm right up to the time I qualified. We were always in the midst of animals – dogs cats cows calves pigs horses.

Practice life started in Donegal, continued in Canada and in 1977 I bought a mixed practice in Galway with a colleague and began trading as Fitzgerald and McManus. I enjoyed practice very much most of the time but we had difficult days too and they are learning days!

Now, though retired, I have an abiding interest in the profession and what it contributes to society generally. What we do is important.

My passion is to see it develop in a sustainable way, to maintain and improve its standing in society, give its members a fulfilling, balanced life and its patients the best quality care possible.  


I am offering to help colleagues who may feel they can improve their practices and their quality of life by working on their practice management skills. No business can operate to its full potential without good management, and the business team is so essential for success.

My primary aim is to help people achieve what their definition of success is and importantly, help them enjoy the process and the profession they have put so much into. So if you think I can help, give me a call or send an email.


I am now retired from practice and a partnership after 38 years.

Because I managed the practice with my colleagues for a good part of that period, (especially when we realized management was required!) my experience may be of benefit to others.

We are members of a great profession and I think we need to talk it up and keep developing the invaluable services we provide. I am regularly very impressed by my colleagues and their commitment to what they do.

The profession is changing of course, but we need to keep changing it for the better. We must keep improving our contribution to animals and society and we must always remain relevant and indispensable to those we serve in whatever sector.
At the same time we must try to maintain our work/life balance, provide for our families, look after our health, plan an exit strategy and make provisions for retirement.

Identifying your objective is a powerful motivator for you and your team!

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